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Hedgpeth Consulting

Proactive Software Design and Development

Business technologies are evolving daily, and tomorrow will present challenges that we cannot even imagine today. Challenges that custom software solutions can solve. Hedgpeth Consulting has the knowledge and flexibility to deliver those solutions quickly and cost-effectively.



Custom solutions for unique problems

Mobile Strategy

HTML5, iOS, Android, Mobile Web Applications and .NET-backed mobile solutions

Web Development

Everything from front-end development using frameworks like Angular, Backbone, or Knockout to ASP.NET MVC, and even solutions like Bootstrap for a responsive web implementations.

Database Design and Development

Need a relational architecture? NoSQL implementation? No problem! Anything from simple queries to performance tuning, Hedgpeth Consulting has you covered.

Web Services

Backend Services with ASP.NET, WCF, Web API, or Node.js

Cloud Computing

Off-load data storage, propagation, and costly infrastructure expenses through the use of various clouding resources.

Product Integration

Need integration with existing proprietary or third party solutions? Look no further!

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